QUAIL CHICKS- blood on the sinus cavities

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    This is my first attempt at raising Quail. We ordered 100 chicks but we are having 1 to 3 die every day. The chicks seem very healthy and full of energy. The only thing we can see is on some there is a small red area near the sinus cavities. later near death the other chicks are picking at red area and in some cases the pecking removes the septum. Any help would be appreciated. We are raising different breeds of chickens near the quail with no problem or loss at all.

    Mark and Amy
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    Quail chicks need a LOT of room. More room in the brooder than chicken chicks. Quail babies can be cannibalistic and will pick at each others faces, toes, beaks and what ever else they can pick at. So it sounds to me that they are killing each other.

    So the first thing I would suggest is to get a bigger brooder, or separate them into two brooders or if you can figure out who is the instigator in the group to start the pecking, separate that bird.

    Next lower the temp in the brooder, no matter what week you are on. They will pick at each other if they are too warm. So right now, lower the time 5 degrees. If they get cold, they can huddle together to keep warm.

    Next, give them something to do. Quail chicks get bored and will pick on each other. Put some cut branches in the brooder, with the leaves and stems so they can pick at those instead. Also, you can get a cereal box, lay it on it's side and cut one side off and the smaller side so they can climb in. Put in dirt, sand, grit, what ever you have, throw in some starter feed. Even leaves would work. Just give them something to occupy themselves.

    May I ask what kind of quail? Bobwhites are the worst at getting along with each other, and it only gets worse as they get older! Good luck! [​IMG]
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    Thank you so much. If I can figure out how to upload photos I will show you what was was going on and your fix at work. I implemented your advice at once and we had great results so I wanted to let you know how valuable your advice is so you will keep sharing with other people. It my be just a bird to some people but you did save lives and to those birds it is pretty important.

    Thanks Again
    Mark Akers
    Iuka Mississippi

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