Quail D'Anver cockerel, 2 mo. Pittsburgh PA area pickup


Oval Office Courier
10 Years
Oct 6, 2009
S.W Pennsylvania
This D'Anver cockerel is 2 months old. He is sweet, and doesn't crow yet. He was vaccinated for Marek's.

I have a young flock of D'Anvers I've hatched & they seem to be 75% male. I need to rehome the extra cockerels
so I have color pairs in my flock.

I have also listed a Mille Fleur D'anver --much more rare-- who is a month old cockerel.

I also have a month-old quail D'anver cockerel who needs a home. Full sibling of the one listed.

Will not ship live birds. Pickup or meet within an hour's drive --for me-- of N. Pittsburgh, Southwestern PA


Please let me know which cockerel you're interested in if you PM me.
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