Quail ear infection


Jul 2, 2020
image0 - Copy (4).jpeg
One of my hens has an ear infection. The other ear is red and irritated but doesn't have discharge like the one in the picture. She doesn't have swelling in the face, nasal discharge, raspy breathing, or irritated eyes so I think I can dismiss Coryza (thankfully). I noticed a few days ago that one of my roosters had an eye full of bubbly, clear discharge. After I wiped his eye with a damp cloth, his eye still looked weepy but that cleared up a few days later. Could these issues be caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum? If not MG, then could mites be causing the facial irritation? I have a white rooster that has little scabs on his face, maybe from mites?

Would it do the hen any good to clean one or both of her ears? Can I put her back out in the aviary?


Bird lover,idk I'll think of something later 😂
Jun 22, 2020
Im agreeing dont put them back, it will likely spread, and vet is my only answer.

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