Quail Egg alive? And will mother take the chick if the egg hatches?


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Oct 7, 2014
My female Quail laid 3 eggs, and started to sit on them. A few days later, she laid 2 more eggs.
A couple of days ago, the first 3 eggs hatched, and 3 healthy chicks are running around. She left the other 2 eggs, so I quickly took them, and put them under a lamp, while I made a incubator with a shoe box, a lid with water, 40 watt light bulb, and a couple of holes in the box, with a towel for the eggs to sit on.

I candled them that night, and saw one had hairline cracks, and did not develop. The other one looks somewhat developed, but I don't have a good enough light to make out for what is going on, or if the chick is alive.
So, I kind of have a cheap incubator, and not sure if the egg is alive. But if (s)he does hatch, would there be a chance the mother will take the chick with the others, or would I be needing to look after it till he is able to go in the aviary, without needing to be kept warm under a heated place.

I don't have a car, or money to go around to places to get all these things for the birds, and my parents don't like for me to waste my money or their money if it's not necessary (such as getting my budgie checked out, as he is sick)
I have never made an incubator before, or candled eggs, or have other's to compare with

I couldn't capture any good pictures, but the egg looked something like these two pictures. But without that much definition on the veins. I don't see movement though


If anyone can help me, that would be great. Sorry for long message >.> Bad habit.


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May 28, 2012
You should have left them as she was just tending to the first 3 hatchlings. Mine had 2 eggs hatch one day then one that night and two the next day so over 24 hours for all 5 to hatch. Mine are buttons by the way you don't say what yours are. good luck

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