Quail egg colors. Button Quail, 2 hens laying green and 1 laying brown

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I would like to know if there is something different between hens eggs that are light green and those that are light brown.
    All three are all on the same diet, same mate, same environment.
    None of the eggs have speckles.
    Just curious - any ideas?

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    Buttons lay a wide range of color in eggs. Thou if the eggs is solid light green with no spots it is because they are laying it to soon. If the are speckled it is just the color the hen lays. I love all the colors they lay from brown to pink.
  3. Thanks for you advice. I candled the older eggs. They are now 4 days old. They have a vein network in them. Maybe mine just don't have speckles? I know how to candle canary eggs, I do it all the time, they are speckled too, unless its the last egg layed. They have all been fertile so far. I sort of misinformed you about speckles - as there are small 3 to 10 on each egg. Just not noticable. I contacted the breeders and they told me some interesting stuff. I don't know if its true as I am just starting out with these guys. They told me that green eggs are normal king/buttons and brown are silver or white. Well I guess I will find out in a couple of weeks. They all told me the mix breed there birds with the more unusual colors to give pet owners a surprise. Well don't know, but I do know they are great breeders and have over 75 years combined experience. (All the breeders experience put together).
    Just expected more speckled eggs and was amaze with the color difference.

    P.S. just stumbled across another breeders site here on the net. He said the same thing. Also he said coloration is due to diet as well. The more greens and more variety in diet the less speckles - so there you go. Guess I am doing ok after all.

    P.S.S. All three hens are laying in the same nest and they all nest there together during the night. During our hot days, only one at a time sits on them. They roll them all together, which is so interesting. Got 14 eggs from the last count an hour ago. One lays at night the other two during the day. The male is mating with all three all the time. Lucky guy isn't he.
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    They told me that green eggs are normal king/buttons and brown are silver or white.

    I had an ivory hen under a white roo who always gave blue eggs.​
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    The color of the eggs will never change per bird if a hen lays a brown egg she will always lay a brown egg. The egg color is in her genetic background the color of the egg really has nothing to do with the color of the hen.

  6. Thank everyone, they are still laying up a storm. And amazing one is blue! I am just amazed with the variety of egg coloration. I just find it so interesting as they are all in the same environment.
    Off topic: Just got a phone call from an Animal Welfare place - I am going to be an official kitten rescuer now. Here in Australia you have to step up bit by bit to work with animals. I do wild life with WIRES all the time. I am a single mother and currently doing my vet nursing course, but finally people understand I am serious. Its always been a passion of mine. I will still do my art and my painting, but animals love you for who you are and never take you for granted. Men do. Well enough of my b*!?ing.
    Sweet Quail dreams for all.

    P.S. Use to be a graphic artist - boring - rather the company of animals.
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  7. Sorry citalk2much, My sister sells AVON - great products. Thanks again for your interest. You must be a caring human. Cheers sweet heart all my best wishes for Christmas from Down Under.
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    Quote:I have only one hen laying at the moment but her eggs vary from brown with really dark speckles to light brown with almost no speckles to light green eggs...

    smallbluejellybean: I also do wildlife caring but its with RSPCA Wildlife, since ACT doesnt have a WIRES. & i've been fostering kittens for a few years now also.
    Great minds think alike [​IMG]

    PS. Mrs Quail is currently sitting on 8 eggs, yay!! [​IMG] More Babies!!
  9. Hey citalk2much, guess we could be neighbours then. I don't have to worry about spelling colour like the yanks anymore, even though I am a yank here in Australia - first lived here when I was 4 like Mel Gibson lol. Nice to make a friend. There are 18 in my clutch of eggs - but three hens - day 6. They take turns sitting on them and as I said before at night they all jump on and keep them warm. Is it hot like here in the ACT. I am in Western Sydney - near Richmond. Its 37 here today according to my themometre. Hate the heat. The birds are lucky they have the squirts out of the drip lines as well as I put a rotating fan on them. I had to bring in my poor dog - she looked like she was breathing wrong. She is getting old now. She is more afraid of the cat half her size than the cat of her. She is a chiuahua. Weird. Aren't animals strange - never what you expect but always there to love you.

  10. Sorry it was Sonja. Never mind nice to meet a friend here. Sorry I am on drugs with this flu and chest infection. I am lucky to get 3 hours sleep with it and I am also nursing a sugar glider. Also a semi well kitten and refurbing the aviary. I am putting up 7ml wire on top of the 13 gage to make sure when the kings hatch they stay put.
    Sorry from the dope head on panadiene fort.

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