Quail egg problem-- any suggestions

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    Apr 21, 2008
    Okay a little history---
    I have a table top incubator that has hatched about 4-5 hatches of birds. It does well and there have been no problems. Our birds started laying a lot more (like 24-28 a day), so we got a much larger incubator.The larger bator hatched out the first 3-4 hatches fine.
    Well on July 3 we put in a weeks worth of eggs (about 175-180 eggs). Some went into the table top bator and some into the larger one. Well they had not hatched as of yesterday (33 days). The freshest eggs put in the bators were laid that day. The hygrometer has a steady temp of 99 and humidity stays between 69 and 80. I know the humidity has alot to do with it but both bators are inside in a climate controlled room that stays about 78 degrees.
    So my husband and I took them out wondering why the whole batch failed. I have a stronger stomach than he does so when the eggs fail to hatch I have always cracked them open to see if I can determine the cause. Well the first 8-10 I cracked had little birds in them fully formed and normal, except dead. Well, then I opened one that was still alive (saw blood and the little fellow moved). I had cracked it open and inadverdantly killed it. (wanted to [​IMG] !) Hubby said to try a few more and see what they held. I opened several more (10-12) and ended up with 2 more that were still alive. Once I got to the 3rd live one I told hubby I was stopping and putting them all back in the bator and give them another week. He warned of exploding eggs from the ones that already contained dead chicks. I told him I couldn't stand the idea of killing any others by opening them without knowing what was inside. YES! I have had an egg to explode while I was going through some phesant eggs before and NO it is not a pretty sight (or smell)!!! [​IMG] That's when we found out just how week dear ole hubby's tummy was. [​IMG] (wimp) So I'm giving it another week to see if those that may still be alive in there will make it.
    All of that to get to this.......

    How can I candle a quail egg to see what's inside? The mottled spots make it impossible to see anything.
    What would be the absolute longest before giving up on a batch of eggs?
    Should I just not open the eggs if we decide to toss the batch...if only to save my heart break if there are any still alive like those poor three were?

    sorry so long but any suggestion would help
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    I can help with acouple things...Get yourself a strong small maglight or a HI-lume candler I think they are called. I use a small maglight to candle my Coturnix eggs...Usually if you cant see through the egg after day 7 that means there is something growing. I also base it on how warm the egg feels...but never go 100% on that method. I usually just leave all the eggs in till hatch...and will let them 3-5 days after hatch if I know they are showing signs of hatching...rocking...cheeping...etc. But I to have had some eggs come close to explosion...it is a WRETCHED smell!
    Good Luck!
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    Mar 3, 2008
    I would double check your thermometer/hygrometer... 33 days is still 10 days longer than Bobwhites or Chukers, and even some of the other breeds only take 24-25 days. Keep the temps at 99.5°F for forced air, 101.5°F for still air, and only 55-60% humidity for the first 18 days - 70-80% for the last 3.

    :aww I'm sorry for your troubles... I hope you figure it out! And yes... bad coturnix eggs just about made me [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] too... [​IMG]

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