quail eggggs yaaaaaaayyyy


11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
i just got 50 quail eggs thanks to uglyduck

now i have to weight 17 days:(

but soon ill have little fuzz balls:D

has anybody ever candled courntix quail eggs?


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Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
Quite a lot, and button eggs too. It's not all that hard, but depending on how bright your light is, you might not be able to see much. Candle around day 7-10, then again when you move them to hatch (about day 14 or 15), what you want to look for is the transparency of the egg. If, on day 7-10, the egg is totally 'clear' (lights up like a light bulb) they are probably no good. mark the ones that look clear, and candle again at hatch time. If they are still clear on day 14 or 15, then you'll toss them instead of setting them up for hatch.

The other eggs, you'll want to see how 'full' they are on day 7-10, then again on day 14ish. By day 14 they should be pretty much all full (dark), if they aren't, you've probably got some late quitters.

Just be sure to keep your temp as close to 100 degrees at egg level as you can for incubation, then drop it to 99 degrees for the hatch. Humidity should be at least 45% for incubation, then up to 65%+ for the hatch. Good luck!

ETA: You'll want to candle a couple before you set them, so you can see what a clear egg looks like. You can candle them all to check for cracks if you want, but I've never had a quail egg explode. They normally just dry out. But if there are any with small cracks, you might be able to fix them.
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