quail foot and leg problem


Aug 8, 2021
I have hatched some quail and one has a problem with its foot/leg., does anyone know what this is and what i can do to help ?
bad quail foot.jpg
Can you clean it off and get another photo? I'm seeing some slight discolouration but it's difficult to discern a cause. Is the chick limping?
Hi, we have managed to get the foot area to heal and its looking nice and healthy, the toes are have gathered dirt and scabbing alot still and we have been soaking them and really gently trying to clean them, when we cleaned the foot area off and found healthy skin we then tried a toe and the skin came off with no resistance, feel really down about it and will take a pic later, they have been cleaned out today and handled this little guy alot while soaking the foot so letting them chill out from the stress at the minute

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