Quail Health: Need Help my quail isn't feeling well.

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    Jun 13, 2016
    Hello, I made an account hear because I can't find quail health info online and its hard to find something informative.

    OKSo Today,June 13, in the morning I notice my quail eyes were closed and I thought she was sleeping but then 2 hours later my mom saw her and she was the same we kept observing her and we noticed she wasn't her usual self.Normally early in the morn she is walking around and eating, running, eyes wide open but today she has her eyes close she opens them a bit but she looks just out of it for a bit. Yesterday and yesterday night she fine she fine so I'm not sure what's going on.
    To narrow it down this is what I noticed.
    - tired
    - sleepy
    - looks what's seems to be Confused
    - her eyes are closed
    - she scratches her eyes but has no swollen eyes and no redness.

    well today she walked a bit but stopped and closed her eyes standing straight up. I got her and placed her somewhere and she is now sleeping. I don't what it could be.
    At first I thought a spider might have bit her, then maybe an infection but I don't see anything on the surface her poop seems to be the same. Could she have a cold or idk.
    Please help. I just hope its nothing serious and that she is just sleepy.

    Also she is laying eggs as well but I feel like she has a good diet. But any suggestions are welcome.

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