Quail hen got mauled by male

Kale the Quail

Free Ranging
Aug 10, 2019
British Columbia
our quail hen was put in the same place with 2 other females and 1 male quail for about 3 hrs and when we got outside to check on them she was sitting there and her head was bleeding, and part of the skin was ripped off around her eye. IMG_8283.JPG IMG_8285.JPG IMG_8288.JPG

does anyone know any ways to treat it?
Do you have any Vetericyn or a similar wound spray (not BluKote?) others that can be used are Hibiclens and water, Betadine, or saline. Plain Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic Ointment are good to put on the cleaned wound twice a day. Keep her isolated so she is not pecked more on the red area.

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