Quail Herb Dust bath


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Mar 25, 2014
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So I've been searching the Web all day!
Trying to find How to treat my quail to something special. Well I didn't turn up many things. I really wanted to give them something with herbs somthing to help their feathers their health their happiness. Not finding as much info as I'd hoped I improvised! And made my feathered friends a aromatic colorful ediable dust bath. I really wanted to share with all the quail lovers and hope to strike a more active thread all about quail. I have lots of questions and have read almost all the threads and can't find much so I'd like to hear some creative and new ideas for quail Or maybe be a pioneer in new things to make an give to quail. Anyways hope you all enjoy and share TONS OF PICS
quial related!


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Mar 21, 2011
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Wow...your quail must be in heaven!! LOL Quail love all kinds of goodies from greens, quartered fruit, chopped up veggies, cabbages, alfalfa sprouts, chopped tomatoes, grasses, bugs, seeds and grains, all kinds of things! Pretty much what chickens enjoy eating. They also like to feel like they are in a jungle of brush. So I like to keep brush piles in the aviaries or branches in the pens. They love to hide and linger under the leaves and such.

Cute picture! :)

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