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Sep 4, 2013
I am building a quail pen. Do I need to make an area inside the pin where the quail can go into to get out of the weather/wind????
It is already covered and rain proof. Just curious if they need some kind of box to get inside at night or during nasty weather. I live in Kansas.
Hi Havensteinjohn,
It isn't completely necessary to have that extra protection since you already have it rain proofed but it would be a good idea to have that extra protection so long as you can easily access it and clean it. Even if its not heavy duty it's best to have some type of protection. Hopefully I helped and have fun raising those quail.
Thanks for the response.

I think I am going to try using a Rubbermaid tub with a hole cut in it. That way I can open it and clean it real easy. If it looks like it serves a purpose and they use it alot, I may build something more permanent later on.

Hoping to get quail bought this weekend, got to get my pen finished first.
I am building a pen inside my existing covered chicken pen.

I need to build the front yet, and some access doors. Going to be 15ft long, 3ft wide and 3 ft tall.
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