Quail injury

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    Apr 3, 2018
    A couple of days ago , my quail had tried to fly but she injured her legs( I believe she scraped her knees on the wall and landed on her leg wrongly) I left her alone and she seemed to be doing okay with some limping and hopping very little and not much walking. 5days ago I had tied a cloth around her leg to see if it would help her. The next day I saw some improvement so I took it off . She could stand for about 5 seconds by herself. Yesterday I had tied cloth around both feet this time however only one feet seemed to have made progress, the other leg she began to drag it. I feel terrible because I think I may have have harmed her more than did good. ( I think in her fright she tried to jump and land on her leg wrongly again during the night) I took it off today in the morning immediately but 9 hours had pass already. She seemed to not have control over her leg . Can anyone give me insight on what possibly happened? And also she seemed to have stopped drinking water but I have been feeding her fruit such as apples peaches and a lot of lettuce to try and make up for her less intake of water but I’m getting worried of her dehydrating

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