Quail Japanese chick gone limp?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by QuailBreeder, Jul 31, 2013.

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    One of my little quail chicks who's a week old just went limp. One minute he was running around with the other little chicks (there are 2 others with him) and then he fell on his back and started doing these weird movements with his neck? We took him out, gave him a bit of water via a syringe and then put him back and he's just sitting there with his head down at the moment. What is wrong with him? This has never happened before, it's usually those with whithered legs that go limp and die, this little chick seemed really healthy.

    These week old chicks are in an incubated cage with a red heat lamp that keeps them warm. I don't think it's the heat because the others are perfectly fine, they have always got fresh water (with marbles in) and quail chick food.

    Has this ever happened with anyone else? If so, did you manage to help it? We're doing as much as we can, I hope it's going to be ok :(


    This is the little chick that went limp, I hope he can sleep it off and will be fine :(

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    How is the little guy? Chicks that fall on their backs, star gaze or look like they are having seizures is usually due to either a vitamin deficiency, (b vitamins) or genetically vitamin deficient, (parents did not receive enough vitamins during breeding). Add a good vitamin mix of B's E's and D usually helps these things. Hope he is ok. :)
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    The poor little thing died in the end, it was such a shame considering it was fine just minutes before. Thank you for the advice, I'll get some vitamin supplements for them [​IMG]
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    I quote TwoCrows. Make sure your birds are well supplied with all the vitamin B range and other necessary elements. It has made a great difference in my little flock!
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