Quail pecking floor


Mar 11, 2018
Hi i was wondering if it ok for my quail to peck the floor
Im not sure if there getting loose crumb or pecking some the litter that im using for flooring over cardboard as some it has tiny chunks missing
It the sawdust sort that expands in water

(alot my chicks that hatched died and these the last 2 which had no issues fluffing/walking etc and i wanna make sure they fine)

Is this ok for them to peck like some sort grit or is this bad for them
There eating crumb and atempting to peck tried mealworms and drinking water too
the setup i have is its in living room (short carpet) covered completely in cardboard (the box i resused from the enclosure) then about 1/2cm plleet deep of the wood chipings that expand in water and turn into sawdust (mostly around food/water area) with few paper towels where they sleep etc 1 min ill do a pic
They do like to pick about. It's natural for them to scrounge about to see what they can find. Mine love millet so you could sprinkle some in the litter or give them a millet spray. It gives them something to do.

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