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    Hi There

    I have put 6 Quail outside in a raised hut with a raised wire mesh part on the front, first time could get them out since hatched due to bad weather.

    Is there a definitive answer are Quail better on raised mesh floors or on the ground? I have the room to do either but wandered which is best?

    The other question is if for example I had 20 hens could I keep them all in one large pen so as long as I kept enough cocks in there or would I have to keep them separated for example every seven hens in with 1 cock in separate pens?

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    Mar 2, 2009
    #1 Question As It Makes A Big Difference On The Answer---- What Type Of Quail?

    In General Terms Raised Is Better For Bird Health. Ground Can Be Done Tho It Will Require Additional Care Steps Over The Long Run And Increases The Birds Exposure To Disease And Parasites

    For Button Quail They Do Best Housed In Pairs And Must Be Protected From The Cold Temperatures, For Coturnix Colonies Are Very Easy... A Good Suggestion Of 1 Sq/ft Per Bird Floor Space And A Sex Ratio Of 1:5-8 Roo Vs Hen

    For New World Quail Colonies Are Possible But Floor Space Needs To Be At Least 2sq/ft Per Bird And The Sex Ratio Is Best At About 1:2-4
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    Dec 10, 2010
    Hi JJMR794

    Thanks for your response,
    I bought what was supposed to be Jumbo Coturnix but when hatched it looks like I got a white english, 2 jumbo Coturnix - one being a tuxedo, and three standard Coturnix so if im reading your info right then they will be fine outside and I can colonise them so long as I keep a good ratio.

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    Quote:Yep, sounds good! [​IMG]

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