quails eating their eggs?


14 Years
Aug 8, 2008
Queens, NY
i have these cotunix quails that whenever they seem to lay their is another quail who breaks and eats the eggs. I've actually had to just wait till the hen layed the egg so i could quickly snatch the egg away. I tried putting little rocks that look like coturnix eggs but it doesnt seem to fool them.
this is the same reason im debating on culling all my A & M hens and only keeping A & M roos
I wish i had some help for you. Seems like evenif you catch the one that is eating them (like i did) and cull it (like i did) the others pick up where it left off
With chickens, the offender has always been dispatched to the freezer, but if several are doing it.... well, I don't have a way of stopping them once they begin.
I have a small coop for the number of chickens I have but only 6 laying so the others all go out side first thing in the morning & the hens stay till they lay & then go out. If they don't get to go out & free range some they get bored & break the eggs & eat them.

I said all of that to say try to give them more room or something to do & maybe they will stop. If not the I know the inside of a oven at 350 would cure them.

It seems whenever I start talking it always leads to food.
King, clearly you're starving today, come on over I've pasta salad, manicotti and cheesecake in the fridge, help yourself sugar.

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