Quails insides coming out, when going to the toilet


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How far out does the red tissue come out? That is know as a prolapsed vent, and many animals can have this or prolapsed rectums. As long as it goes back inside, there is not a problem. But if a lot comes out, the intestines can come outside, and depending on how bad, the chick may need to be culled. Other quail may peck at any red tissue, possibly injuring the vent. I would make sure that the quail is drinking enough fluids, is not overheated, and is passing normal droppings. Constipation and egg binding can cause damage to the vent. Here is an article on prolapsed vents or cloacas:
and another on chickens: http://www.the-chicken-chick.com/2012/04/prolapse-vent-causes-treatment-graphic.html

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