Quails tolerance to heat?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by Gimpy Quail, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Aug 21, 2014

    I am brand new to the forum and don't yet have any quail. (Though I have had buttons as pets in the past.)

    Originally, I was thinking of getting some chickens, but am now leaning toward quail instead -- for eggs and possibly meat.

    My concern was how much heat they can tolerate. We live in the Sonoran Desert, so our summers are frequently in triple digits and can go for days over 110F.

    The Gambels Quail are native here and do fine, but what about the coturnix? Or is there a species more heat tolerant?

    I was hoping to house them in an aviary, possibly with some doves or diamond doves. (The heat may be a concern for them as well)

    Obviously they will need shade and water. Is that enough? Are misters needed? I spoke with one person who set up misters for her chickens out here, but she said they weren't smart enough to go to the misters. I wondered if I would have the same problem with quail.

    Any thoughts or ideas on types of quail, ways to deal with heat, or any other suggestions?
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    Coturnix can handle any heat a human can as long they have shade and aren't be harassed into flight constantly.

    If you can run a box fan pointed at them on hot days you won't have any problems at all if not you might lose one here and there to the heat but I doubt it.
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    Welcome Gimpy Quail!

    Yes coturnix do fine here, better than chickens actually. I have lost chickens due to heat but not quail. Sudden temperature spikes are the most dangerous. When there is a week or two of milder temps then a sudden spike of temps over 112 that is where you get the most heat stress. As long as they have pans of water to cool off in when its over 100 and misters over 110 they will thrive. If your quail are on the ground you might not even need misters, but mine are in raised cages to keep out of reach of my dogs and other predators so the misters over 110 are needed. If your quail are panting excessively you need misters. Yes shade is a must, especially in afternoon.

    I have housed some quail with my diamond and ringneck doves and the doves seem to take the heat even better than the quail so you will have to worry about the quail more than doves. The doves might panic a bit when they first see quail. The quail are much faster with erratic movements compared to doves so they take a bit of getting used to for the doves.

    Since you are wanting quail for eggs you will want coturnix. They are the best species for year around egg production! They are also good for meat since you can raise chicks anytime and they grow fast. Other species are more seasonal in their production.
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