Quaker or Meyer Parrot for sale to a good home

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  1. blueskylen

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    Mar 3, 2008
    We have a neighbor that is being deployed to Afghanistan in a few days. She has asked me to see if I can find a good home for her Quaker parrot, Apple, as she doesn't have the time before leaving.

    He is very friendly and loves to sit on your shoulder, loves attention,loves to play, says a few things like woof, meow, and Hello, is about 5 years old as far as i can tell. He has a nice cage, toys, food, mite spray, and cage cleaner. I have been opening his door and he won't fly off, unless you leave the room, and then flys and lands on my shoulder. He can be a bit noisy at times, but i imagine all parrots are that way - ( I don't have experience with indoor birds )

    Would love to sell him to someone who has the time to give him attention and love, and maybe has other birds he can react with.
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    Oh how I wish you were closer!!!
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    This is a quaker and is only worth 100-150. They are great birds. Meyers have black and are worth a little more. the quaker comes in green or blue and white underside. This little guy looks like it was breed with a blue and green.
    check your state. They are illegal in some states. Other states you have to have a permit to own them. We raise lots of birds and the quaker is by far my kids favorite.
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    Here in Wisconsin Quakers sell for around 250 to as high as 500, so I would say the price is fine. As for the laws for Quakers there are many. If I lived closer I would volunteer to let Apple come live with us until his owner got back. Not one of our parrots forgot who my older son was while he was in the military. When he would come home for a visit they would be all over him. His Sun Conure in particular would fly to his shoulder, call him a baby, rub his feathers on his short hair, then run down his short and hide from me. Birds have pretty good memories from my experience. Our Quaker only ever rings her bell when my son visits. She shakes it vigorously and says "come here."

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