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    young green split to blue quaker parrot- 4months old(male-sexed pelvically) last of his clutch, co-parented as the parents have a bad habit to double clutch without a baby in the box/cage. Fully Fledged- knows how to fly, land, and take back off. Diet consists of anything in his bowl- he's a great eater and will play with anything new and eat everything put in his bowl (seed/pellets/fresh fruit and veggies).

    A lot of work has gone into him, however he is still a little handshy- doesn't bite, but not 100% handtame, with work he will come around. Can be grabbed, doesn't bite/isn't nippy when handled roughly- has been handled by childern.

    Already talking, and showing signs of wanting to learn more. I can't make out the phrases except for kiss kiss (working on "I love you" and bye-bye/goodnight)

    you will need a cage, as the one he's in will not be suitable for permnant keeping. I can send his favorite toy with him- a blue "wave"

    parents are a blue and split to blue quaker. pictures available upon request. Shipping is not available, but I can deliver locally.

    edit: here's the parents

    Beaurgard -Green (Boo for short) and Belle- Blue
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