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    All Aproximatley 5-6 months old .

    Pic up only TOO HOT TO SHIP

    I have 2 blue bantam cochins cockerals for sale. They are from extra quality stock and consistantly breed true to quality type. They are straight feathered and lots of fluff. Excellent birds. But I have too many. Bred from breeder quality females I got from Pat Lacey and stock from Mother Goose - 2 generations removed. The cockerals are a dark blue, but not as dark as the dark blue frizzle in the picts.

    4 mottled cochin cockerals and possible a pair if someone wants. Beautiful bay eyes and nice quality. These are from my millie fleur project and the sire was MF and darn mottled. Their cusions are not quite as wide as my show birds, but other than that they are some nice birds and I am sure you will be pleased. One of the cockerals has some MF colored feathers cominng through on one wing. The mottleds are very evenly mottled and as they grow I expect them to mottle out like their mother (pictured)

    If this doesnt work I will get pictures and then repost them in a few weeks when I have pictures. PM if you like. I will post a few picts of some of my birds, but I dont have a lot a pictures uploaded. There is also a picture of one of my blue females in my avatar. The blue cockerals are slightly darker than her. But just as much fluff and cushion. Feathering on all toes.

    One of the blue cockerals has a minor imperfection on his comb which would preclude him from being shown, but would make an excellent breeder. I am thinking about keeping him though and selling off the two that have perfect combs. I am negotiable.

    I would expect the blues to go for more than the mottleds. Pic up is fine also or other arrangements can be made. No frizzles sold. My flock is healthy and pollurum free. tested. Birds will be bathed 3 days before shipping and free of any external parasites. Which they do not currently have, but just in case.

    Just PM me to make arrangements or if you want one of these wonderful randy fellas. [​IMG]


    Kay in avatar

    mamma mottled


    Buddy cleaning my dust bunnies [​IMG]


    Boo (fore) and Bear (back)




    baby blue Crazyforchics got this one

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