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    Up for Sale are 7 Quality Black Silkies. I am asking $1.75 per egg. So eggs would be $12.25 plus shipping. The photos speak for themselves.
    These are new to my breeding program. I have some incubating now.
    I have two Black hens and two Black Roos housed together. The Roos did come from a BBS breeding stock so they may possibly carry that blue gene so the offspring may not be all black but they are very black so until I get the first chicks from them I won't know for sure.
    They are from very good bloodlines. I can't say they are show quality because I do not show my birds but you won't be disappointed.
    They are awesome birds.

    I will ship these out Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning, depending when payment is made, PayPal only please.

    Due to variations in incubators and hatching practices I cannot guarantee your hatch rate and of course I have no control over the Postal service and cannot guarantee that they won't scramble them. But on this end I know my small town postal service handles my eggs with kid gloves. Due to the cold WI weather I will include a heat pack at no charge.

    I also have Partridge showgirl eggs. White silkie and Splash silkie eggs. They will be listed on seperate posts but email me if you would like a combo pack. I house all of my colors seperate.
    I may have white showgirls but seems like they decided to take a break.

    If you want a more that a dozen eggs the price for shipping will be $12.00.
    Thanks and good luck !!

    The hen in the picture with the WET HEAD has a beautiful topknot when she doesn't decide to give herself a new look !!! ARrrrrGhhh Why do some like to do this while others keep theirs perfect ??? LOL
    Please don't click on buy it now. Just send me a PM or if that is full an email at [email protected] Thanks
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