Quality Fantail Pigeons from Show Bloodlines

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  1. Quality fantail pigeons. NPA banded and vaccinated against paratyphoid. These birds are from excellent bloodlines. $25 each plus shipping. healthy, young birds. These are good birds, not culls. Alive and healthy bird arrival guaranteed. I only use quality shipping boxes that are over sized. Sent usps express mail overnight, usually arrives next day.I have sold birds all over the US and every buyer has been pleased if not surprised at the quality of my fantails. 865-524-4216 rob. I HAVE EXTRA BREEDING HENS FOR SALE AS WELL AS PAIRS. Below are a few emails I have gotten from people who bought fantails.

    "The birds have arrived. Thank you so much for such beautiful fantails." -JK


    "Hi Rob,
    Good news the birds showed up about two hours ago and I now have them in the loft.
    I have to say the pictures didn't do them justice as they are very nice! It also sounded like they may have paired up during the trip so even better.
    Thanks again and happy holidays!" -DM
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    What size cage do they need......do you have any pictures....


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