Quality Mille Fleur D'Anver Cockerel, 18 Wks/N. Ga. Mtns

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    Not a Cull! Sam is a 18 week old mille fleur Belgian D'anver cockerel who is already showing great promise. He's going to be a looker with a big bull chest already, very broad backed, nice tail carriage and comb, good mille color. Sam was sired by a porcelain rooster over a mille fleur hen who is 1/2 porcelain herself, so will throw porcelains for you if bred to the proper hens.

    He is the slightly better of my two cockerels and I'm not really breeding them so I'm letting him go-this is a great opportunity for someone to get a quality D'Anver in a color not available at any hatchery in the country! Absolutely NOT a cull!

    I've just had a house fire, so this is not the best time for me to be keeping extra birds. The photo is about three weeks old but I do not have access to my photos due to the fire so cannot update it, very sorry! These boys are looking so great now.

    He is already breeding the hens. Pickup only at my home in Fannin County, GA Cash only.

    ****** If you'd rather, I have their sire, my almost 2 year old porcelain rooster, Aubrey, available. He is a proven breeder and a quality bird and you might be able to talk me into it. He's a little jerk, but a handsome one.


    Seen behind the other cockerel in both pics below, who you can tell is lighter in color:



    Sam on left side of picture in the group below; this also shows his nice chest.

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