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  1. I built this yesterday using recycled pallets left over from a tile job. Total cost to me was $0, but wasn't truly free as I already had purchased most hardware and wire for other projects. It took me 1 day to build (putzing around) but 2 days to disassemble pallets and remove all the nails. I used 1/2'' hardware cloth for the floor (raised foundation 3'') so they would be off the ground evne if set right in the grass/dirt. Inside dimensions are 2'1'' X 3'8''.
    I have 12 corturnix, and it turns out, that out of those 12, 4 are roos. So I need to get a couple out of my Big House and keep the girls from getting "hurt" all the time. My youngest says the boys are "hurting" the girls, so that's what we are sticking with.
    No it is not rain proof. Not overly concerned at the moment as it rarely rains here.

  2. I put two males in and they are bent on getting out and back to the rest of the covey. No eating, no drinking. Just pacing back and forth listening to the calls of the girls. The big pen seems to be calmer now. Only half of the rustle and more peace.
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    Quote:very nice! very nice!
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    Nice work!
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    I like the rough sawn Cedar look and you did a real nice job with it. If that was an import tile or stone material pallet, the wood has probably been fumigated with a pesticide to satisfy customs. I'm not sure what the shelf life is but it might be worth considering if your birds start acting funny.
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    I love it!
  7. Thank you for the compliments. I believe anyone can do this. The hard part is the LABOR in that it is time consuming dismantling the pallets with all the nails. However the build required very little cutting and just applying the right sizes to where you want em. I have made many things from recycled pallets and truthfully I like the look of the wood in most cases. Hopefully this will inspire other to give it a go. And there are two benifits. 1) very low material cost 2) recycling is good. However the time to take them apart is a pain in the butt, lets be honest.
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    I'm all for cheap materials and reusing!

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