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  1. peachick

    peachick Songster

    Aug 8, 2007
    Maryland 21787
    I just posted an auction on eggbid for some silkie eggs. http://www.eggbid.com/listings/details/index.cfm?itemnum=1193256964
    I hate throwing them away, so thought I'd make them available..... Im done hatching for the year. Photos of my silkies are on my Personal Page here, as well as my web site.

    Also available - PICK UP ONLY - are 7 sweet silkie chicks ( photo at the bottom of the auction).
    they are about 2 weeks old, 3 blue, 3 black and one splash.

    Photo below is one of my black hens (she came from Melanie @ Fluff N Stuff)

  2. hcammack

    hcammack Crowing

    Oct 5, 2007
    Can you tell the sex of the chicks ?I am in Maryland and am intrested in 1 silkie pullet (dont care about color).

  3. peachick

    peachick Songster

    Aug 8, 2007
    Maryland 21787
    Henry, the chicks are only 2 weeks old. Nope sorry, I cant sex them. But if you only want ONE hen, I have some older chicks that I could sell.... they are 3-4 months old.
  4. Kanchii

    Kanchii Songster

    Peachick your silkies are beautiful! [​IMG]
    Are all your silkies put out together, or would it be possible to do an auction with no black silkie eggs?
  5. peachick

    peachick Songster

    Aug 8, 2007
    Maryland 21787
    Hi Kanchi Thanks Im really proud of my silkies.... Most of them came from Melanie and jenn on this list. Its getting cool so I dont know how much longer they will lay. I have the auction for blue black and splash eggs on eggbid, and will probably run one more since they are still laying.
  6. M@M@2four

    [email protected]@2four Songster

    Mar 12, 2008
    Hi Peachick! I actually just sent you an e-mail! I am interested in your silkies and eggs if you still have any available. [​IMG] Have a great day!
    God bless,
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