Quality Splash Cochin Bantam Pairs! ~BIN~ NPIP

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Jan 15, 2009
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My Coop
Up for your consideration are 5 pairs of Splash Cochin bantams, 3-5 months old. NPIP# 51-370. Shipping very soon. Prices vary by quality, PAIRS ONLY. I will not split up these pairs and sell only pullets. $50-$75 a pair. I ship USPS Express Mail, PM me with zip code for shipping price. $10 new box fee. Paypal only please. PM me to buy. Thanks for looking. You can see my stock on my website: www.funkyfeathers.com
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First 2 pics are of pair #1 (SOLD)
Second 2 pics are pair #2 ($75)
Third 2 pics are pair #3 ($70)
Last 2 pics are pair #4 (SOLD)
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