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Discussion in 'Geese' started by Eggnonymous, Apr 5, 2011.

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    I had to put off my Embden gosling order due to availability and since I've had more time to look and read, I'm now thinking about Buffs. From what I've read, they seem to have similar dispositions, but correct me here if that's not true. Embdens, according to the charts I've seen lay 35-45 eggs per year and Buffs 25-35 (not really interested in meat production), holds true? Is there really a big size difference or is it just the weight of the ganders that skews the numbers E: 15-20lbs, B: 14-16lbs.?

    It is nice to think that I might be helping the Buff breed since they are listed as critical w/ALBC. Are there any other differences that I haven't considered?

    I only want one breed - really(!!) and don't know of anyone else in my area that raises either one (will be getting my Welsh Harlequins tomorrow which will be our only duck breed). I'd like to raise them to sell (hatchlings and eggs) at the farmers' market. Thoughts?

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    Feb 5, 2011
    There is not a large difference in egg laying numbers between the two. What is more important is the breeding stock. You get a high egg number, if there has been selective breeding for egg quantity within the breeding stock. Some breeders may go for other dispositions like show quality or weight and do not look that much into egg production. So one stock can be excellent in numbers of eggs and the other may not lay as well. So don't go by the numbers listed in the books. You don't know what you get until you see what your birds do. There are even other factors, like light or the lack for light. Read an article from Metzer stating the geese lay better in the dark. Nutrition may also play a factor. So don't worry to much about the numbers. Get what you like to get.
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    Feb 16, 2011
    I love my buff geese. I also had a hard time deciding but I'm happy with the choice I made. They are very nice geese. My goose laid a baker's dozen and then went to setting. I suppose she might repeat this later in the year if I let her which would make her about average.

    I have discovered she won't tolerate me putting extra eggs under her. She knows the difference and objects to the stranger's eggs by shoving them aside and crushing them.

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