Quarantine chicks?

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    Feb 11, 2016
    Hi. We recently lost 2 of our hens. They are RIRs. As most people know, RIRs don't et broody often and will abandon babies. Since we lost 2 hens, we were gonna buy an incubator and hatch about 5. Do I need to buy anyhting else? When can I put them with the older chickens? Do we quarantine them even though it's the hens eggs? How do I know if the egg is fertilized? Will the older chickens try to hurt them? Can they fit thru hog wire? where will we keep them after we get them out of the brooder? The older chicken free range, so we can't lock them in the coop. Then the older ones can't come and go. Will the older chikens protect them? HELP!!! I'll take any advice. Tell me everything I'll ever need to know!!! Thanks in advance!!! Oh yeah, and we do have a rooster.
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    To try and help out with some of your questions:

    1. compare your yolks with those on the following link to check for fertility


    2. If you elect to set 5 eggs, you are likely to only get 1-2 pullets (some eggs not hatching and the male:female ratio)

    3. For all your other questions, I'd strongly suggest reading the info on the following link


    as well as searching for "incubating eggs"

    All the best
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