Quarantine Coop Design!

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    Nov 17, 2013
    Dallas, Tx
    This is my Awesome super Cheap Quarantine blueprint

    I have some of the materials on hand (to include large dog crate). I just need tuppaware container, composite lumbar, and pvc sheet. The barrier sheet is removable and allows me to access their food and water and aid against escaping chicken in my house. It works like a flap too for quick access. It's not completely escape proof but it helps and sides to the side where I need the gap. It would cover most of the door with a 4 in ish gap near the nest box, water and food.

    Water would be a gravity nipple system and food would be a plastic or metal trough feeder. The water is fill-able from outside. It is designed for quarantined birds. I would shade the nest box with a blanket and cover it with a blanket at night just in case someone turns the light on. I am also going to have a bigger tray under it.


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