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    Hi all,
    I have 2, 2 1/2 year old chickens (light Brahma and Buff Orpington), 1 15 week old pullet (blue Wyandotte) and we just added a 9 week old pullet (golden Wyandotte) last week (replacing one that we got with the 15 week old one that didn't make it - not from respiratory issue). I quarantined the newest pullet as usual, but one day after we got her, she came down with some sort of upper respiratory issue (sneezing, wheezing, small amount of odorless, clear nasal discharge). I have treated her with Tylan 50 soluble for 3 days and she is good as new (yay!). But I realize she is now a carrier of whatever that was. How long would you continue to quarantine her? I planned on 4 weeks initially, but now thinking longer may be necessary. Or does it matter since she is a carrier and will always spread it to the rest of the flock? Culling is not an option; we are not selling eggs or chickens, 4 chickens is our limit, and do this for a hobby and the enjoyment of the birds.
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    Some say 3 weeks, some 4. To be on the safe side 4 weeks.
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    Welcome to BYC.
    If she is a carrier then no length of time will make a difference. So if you want to keep her you will have to decide if the risk of her infecting the rest of the flock is worth it.
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    Something to look more in to:

    Turkeys have something that kills some other diseases. Do NOT trust me on this! I herd it somewhere and it may not be correct!!!

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    We could wish that turkeys "kill other diseases"!!! They can carry a less deadly type of Marek's disease, and also die of a parasite that's fairly harmless to chickens. Mary
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