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    How long after purchasing new birds do you keep them separate from your flock? I already goofed and my flock actually walks up to my quarantine pen and talks to my two new birds so TECHNICALLY speaking quarantine isn't happening (seriously why was I thinking they wouldn't even notice two new chickens across the dang yard?!?) At this point should I still keep them separate or should I start the integration process since they're already within feet of each other daily? I think when I was thinking quarantine I was thinking if my healthy flock can't touch the new birds droppings or eat from the same pan/waterer as them then that's quarantine. Over sight on my part as someone pointed out to me :(
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    You may as well combine them. Very few back yards are set up to allow a correct quarantine. And it is not something you can fudge on, you either do it, or don't bother.
  4. I would say that you do the best that you can with your environment -- but keeping feeder and drinker separate will at least help a bit. 30-days.

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