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    So I have a bird that is under quarantine that has come down with some respatory thing...clear nose and eye goo, smelly face, head shaking etc.....we are practicing biosecurity and no other birds have contact, changing shoes etc but yesterday my dog has come down with booger eye....I am not sure what this bird has....MG or coryza or whatnot but is it possible for a dog to contract either of these or any of the similar chicken bugs? I will be culling the bird this afternoon and am also wondering if there is a special way a sick bird should be disposed of? Can I just bury her or must I burn the carcas? DH said to send her to dumpster camp but I dont want to infect scavenger birds at the dump.....Any thoughts?
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    Quote:I agree with you totally on this one. Smelly face indicates coryza...could be from a wild bird. It cant be transmitted to your dog. I would cull and bury the chicken, you can burn the carcass if you wish if you think she would be dug up by a predator/scavenger. Dont forget to thoroughly disinfect your quarantine area. I think you did an excellent job with the biosecurity you have in place!
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