Quarter size Black wound on breast of 12 week old chick

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    Apr 17, 2011
    This chick had one leg broken when it hatched. It is getting so big it can hardly stand on it's good leg so it spends almost all the time on it's belly. The bottom of the pen is plywood. I tried shavings but it fumbles around and thumps so much it just throws the shavings out. This is a Blue Laced Red Wyadotte chick. Should I keep catering to it's disabilities and try to get it to heal or would it be kinder to put it down? I can't bear to see it suffer. It is healthy otherwise. It eats and drinks and thumps it's way to the door when it hears my voice. I really think it is because I hold it and cradle the broken leg which sticks out and won't bend. Seems like a miserable life. I think I know what I need to do but would rather hear it from someone else. The wound on it's belly seems like it might be dead tissue. No odor or drainage. Kinda looks like a rug burn only black. I got a good look at the wound while my husband held Sweet Pea. The area of black is a bit larger than I thought but it is open in the center so it could drain if it were to get infected. It really doesn't look as bad as it sounds. We had 2 of the 3 hens get similar wounds from Big Red climbing on their backs and holding tight. I kept them clean and put Neosporin on them and within a week they had both healed and you can't even tell where they were hurt. I guess I am going to just let nature take it's course. The chick is eating and drinking and seems content with it's situation. I just don't have the heart to put it down while it is fighting so hard to live. I would still appreciate any suggestions or comments please.

    My little Sweet Pea had a fever so high on Thursday that she was having seizures. I wrapped her up like a baby and rocked her and sang to her and when my friend came to get her I kissed her on top of her head and said "I guess this is it Sweet Pea" she jerked just a little and laid her head on my shoulder and slowly closed her eyes. She went peacefully and no one had to be the "bad guy" and put her out of misery. She did it herself. I didn't even realize until later in the day that I was singing Amazing Grace to her when she died. It was a big blow as I had allowed myself to get way to attached to her.
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