Quartet of mixed chickens: $15, or 6 for $20 NPIP Mid MO

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  1. 3 pullets and 1 cockerel are out of a spitzhauben standard size small hen, and a bantam porcelain d'uccle, so they all have crests and beards. The rooster is black and white, and has more of a 'spike' than a crest. He is funny looking, but not mean at all, and doesn't mind being petted if you can catch him. They all remind me of the road runner. I do have a Mille Fleur pullet that's been their flock mate that I could add for $5, to avoid breaking up the group. She is purebred, bought from the feed store, just doesn't have the foot feathering I"m looking for.

    Also, I have a pair out of a porcelain d'uccle rooster and a bantam salmon favorelle hen. The pullet looks almost like a salmon favorelle hen but with more darker red/brown in her body and tail, and the cockerel is very pretty, with an almost Columbian pattern to him. These two are less than 3 months old.

    Great starter flock, one hen is already laying, the other 2 are soon to follow. Their mamas were great daily layers of bantam and medium eggs. All are vaccinated against Mareks as chicks by me, and they were handled frequently as chicks. Most have feathering on their outer legs and toe, but some clean legged. They are great foragers. I have to sell them so I can keep a purebred flock for my egg sales.

    I am asking $15 for the spitzhauben/d'uccle mix quartet, and $5 for the d'uccle/favorelle mix pair. Plus, with purchase of all 6, I could include a Mille Fleur pullet.
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  2. P.S. I would also consider trading these for any large fowl pullet chicks from an NPIP certified flock. I am needing a few good big egg-layers.
  3. [​IMG]

    Here's pics of the favorelle mixes I'm selling as well. I've decided that If you buy all 6 of my mixed chickens, I'll include a purebred Mille Fleur pullet. She's been running with my mixed birds, and I hate to leave her without her buddies. So yes, that would be 7 chickens (2 roos and 5 hens for $20!)

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