Queen-Ann limping again, Bumblefoot???


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11 Years
Apr 14, 2011
NW Colorado
So about 3 weeks ago Queen-Ann was limping, Didn't see any signs of bumblefoot. Everyone seemed to think she may have hurt her leg somehow, and after about 5 days she quit limping. See other thread....

Well yesterday I noticed she was limping again and since I have a broken toe/foot myself I didn't get out to catch her and look her over until tonight. I checked her feet and one appears to have the beginning of bumblefoot. The pad is bigger then the other foot and there is what appears to be the beginning of a scab. What do you all think???


Other foot

but a lot of people have good results with working it out over the course of a few days.
That's what I've seen too....tho usually takes more than a few days.

I've had a few small and mild(no gross infection or inflammation) bumbles,
never treated them and they healed up on their own.

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