Queen O'decoup laid her first egg!!!

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    Jul 23, 2010
    My girls just started laying around Christmas. There are 18 breeds in my flock of 25. Queen is the only Polish and everyone picked her head dress out so we moved her to the new condo build for her right next to but secure from the others. Since she has had so much trouble she has had alot of individual attention. She lived on the garage while the condo was being built. She ran around the kitchen floor and watched TV (mostly football) while I cleaned her indoor coup out. It was really hard to put her outdoors in the condo near the others. I was afraid she would be tramatized. She seems to be doing well. She is used to having a heat lamp to herself,so she's used to light. Her light in the condo went out this evening so we found her sleeping on the ground as close to the light from the hen house with the others as she could get. I really don't know if she wanted the light or the other girls. I changed her light and she seemed to want to stay in the condo after that. I had to move two roosters into the condo next to her and tonight I'm worried she will be upset untill she realizes they can't get to her. They can see each other but they can't get to her. I never ever thought I'd get so attached to a bunch of birds. They will never be dinner. I just can't eat someone I hold daily. We even built the second condo for the roosters. Now we are worried they will fight with each other since hey can't get to the hens anymore. I'm not sure how this will work out. We have a blue cochin banty, an EE rooster, and a rhode island red. They don't fight so far but we took them away from the hens. They are just too Randy all the time and the girls are worn out. Danged girls are practically walking backwards to see who's sneeking up in them. Poor things!
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    Oct 9, 2010
    Maybe you just need to get the roo's "favourite" hen a saddle or two. That might solve the problem [​IMG]

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