Question about 1st eggs


8 Years
May 24, 2011
Central PA
We have 9 hens that are 15 weeks old so we're expecting to see eggs in the next few weeks. I was told by a friend that we shouldn't eat the first eggs that are laid but no reason was offered. Anyone else hear this?
from what i have gathered about this, i think its true if the shell is thin/soft. But if the egg shell feels thick/hard and doesn't break easily then it should be good to go! i ate our first two eggs on the same day!

if the shells continue to be soft, then you may want to add oyster shells or other sources of calcium into their diet. (i.e. yogurt)
That's not true at all! Unless the egg looked like something was wrong with it....but I never had any trouble with my girls when they first started laying. We've eaten every single egg and we're all still here to tell about it!

Eat your egg or blow out the shell and keep it. As long as they are no longer on medicated feed, there is no problem with eating a perfectly formed egg.
We ate the first eggs, they were perfect! BTW, my first egg didn't come until 23 weeks of age.
Yeah, we don't eat them just out of tradition, we blow the 1st few eggs (carefully poke a hole in the top and bottom and gently blow the insides out) and keep the shell, it was fun to do as a kid and I still have fun doing it!

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