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May 30, 2009
Ok I've been reading about some types of bedding. Does anyone use any type of mulch so to speak? I know some use wood chips. Pretty much the same thing I would think. The thing is my husband does tree work for a living and we have a huge pile of chipped wood (mulch). Would love to take the cheap route and use what is avaliable. What do you all think?
You can use it as long as it is quite dry first. Which is sometimes hard to arrange. Otherwise it is apt to mold (hardwood chips/bark are more mold prone than pine and other conifers).

I'd suggest spreading out a thin layer of DEAD FRESH chippings (so it hasn't had a chance to *start* molding in the truck or in a big dump pile) and let them bake in the sun for a few days, raking occasionally, til they are really really dry.

Good luck, have fun,

Pat, heading out of town for a little while, y'all have a good week!
be carefull using hard wood. I don't use it because I have been told this and get nervous that when a chicken jumps down they can jab their feet with the wood and cause sores.

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