Question about Birchen marans chicks


8 Years
Feb 18, 2011
Athens, GA
I am breeding a Birchen marans rooster over 2 black Marans hens to try and get a 50/50 split of the two, And was wondering if it was possible to tell the two apart when they hatch? Any answers would be great.
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Since true Black Marans are rare they might carry the mahogany gene then be split for Birchen and Black Copper it's easy to see on the roosters if they are split and the hens are either silver or copper colored on the neck you should try and hatch a dozen from each hen and keep the eggs separated so you know who's the mamma and you'll know more about the genotype of your birds after the hatch. Good luck and be sure to come over to the Marans thread and show pictures and Village Chicken or Blackdotte might be able to tell you much more than I can about the genes
lotsapaints thanks for the info.

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