Question about breaking broodiness.

Discussion in 'Geese' started by janelikesburds, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. janelikesburds

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    Nov 6, 2016
    So... My best broody goose is sitting on 8 eggs at the best location which I would like her to continue to sit in the years to come. However this year I don't need 8 more goslings -- I already hatched out 2 myself, 3 goslings a year is plenty for our garden weed control.

    I really want her to hatch out something so she has positive association of this nesting site. And I'm too nice to steal her babies later on. I don't think my geese ever forget things haha.

    My last egg in the bator has just pipped internally. I slipped it under the goose so it should hatch out in the next day or two. Will my goose abandon all her eggs for this one gosling ?? Her eggs are still 10 days away. Fingers crossed she will.
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    You could remove all the other eggs when you slip in the internally pipped one. Seems like that would solve the problem.
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  3. janelikesburds

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    Nov 6, 2016
    Good idea! I put the egg in but my goose pushed it out when the gosling was stuck halfway at zipping... I helped it out and put the gosling back to dry (in the middle if the night). I didn't know better to take the other eggs out, so she is still sitting. Now I have a goose imprinted naughty little boy! He is 5 days old today. Already chasing ducks and biting their tails til they take off... I think I'm in trouble as he acts naturally aggressive. My only gander and the other new boy are mild tempered unlike this one.
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    When my Toulouse goose was sitting on unfertilized eggs all but 1 and she lost that one during internal pip. I took all her eggs away she just kept on sitting for probably close to a week. it was really heart breaking because she heard the gosling inside the egg so did I, but I went and picked up 2 day old goslings and everyday I would take those 2 little ones out and we'd walk by Missy house she would watch with little interest but after about a week I could tell she was interested well at 2 weeks she finally came out and followed and her mate followed her I kept the lil ones inside another week letting mama and papa have visits but wanted to make sure they were going to bond with these goslings. Boy once they did that was it they became a very close knit family, so more than likely if you can let this gosling be around the adults they will accept him/her. You'll just have more gosling to add to this one.

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