Question about breeding for egg-laying ability & productivity

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Kansaseq, Jan 7, 2010.

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    I know that crossing two different breeds is supposed to produce a more 'vigorous' and healthy bird. My question is, will it also improve the egg laying ability of the offspring? For example, my Speckled Sussex and New Hampshire are rated as 'Very Good' in the production department. If I crossed these two breeds, would you expect the offspring to be 'Excellent" layers? Or just 'Very Good'? Any insights and personal experiences are welcome. Thanks!

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    We breed lots of ours for egg Sussex here so can't comment on them.However,we don't do it by breed with one exception. when we cross...we do it by each individual hen .For instance here they must lay 6 days a week 70gram eggs or larger as the common to be used in my egg producing pen only I then cross them off onto one of my RIR,RIW or Delaware Roo's because that's what is here.A NH would work fine.We have a wide variety of breed crosses in there.
    If you were to just say 2 laying breeds that lay 6-7 days a week cross together you will still get about the same production.Now,if they are 2 different sized eggs adding the larger egg will help the chicks produce larger eggs.We have buff leghorns they lay a medium sized egg which is normal for them so I cross them to our Buff Minorca roo-that breed lays xl to jumbo daily...those chicks eggs all then will be big enough to sell well(here only large and above will sell) I still have my 6-7 day layer because both breeds lay 6-7 days a week.That is the only way I could keep my 2 buff girls because here if it doesn't lay large eggs it is sold so I found a loop hole [​IMG]

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