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    Mar 4, 2011
    My mom and I have many chickens and two of the hens have started acting broody. One is a serama and the other is a cute mutt. Anyway they take turns sitting on the eggs and pretend to be broody. We were wondering if it is normal for them to take turns sitting on eggs. Momma will sit on them for a bit, then dot will go in the barrel and sit on the eggs as soon as momma gets off of it normal? Are they going broody? Are they just teasing us? Help!!
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    cannot for sure answer your question, but I have heard before of hens tag-teaming a hatch. it makes a lot of sense, each hen would have more time to eat, drink, exercise and the eggs would be constantly tended.

    With mine, I know for sure that one of mine doesn't mind who laid the egg, she will go nestle on it for awhile. Good luck -- hope you get what you are hoping for.

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