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    Sep 11, 2013
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    Last week, we had a hen that we confirmed was broody by taking her out of the nest several times at night and putting her on the roost, only to see her immediately run back to the nest. Took her out of the primary coop and put her in a wire dog kennel in my garage for 3 full days, then put her back in the primary run/coop with the other hens, and she seems to be broken of her broodiness. She's back to eating and she's not getting back in the nest.

    When will she go back to laying, though? With the first couple of days while she was being broody, then 3 days of being separated, now 3 more days of being back, that's a totaly of 8 or 9 days since she's laid an egg. I understand she's had a couple of major interruptions and stress in her life over the past week, but how long does it normally take before they go back to laying?

    In case it matters, she is a cuckoo maran that just turned 1-year old about a week ago.

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    my broody took two weeks to start laying again but only laid every two or three days until a couple more weeks later she started to lay every day

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