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    Mar 30, 2011
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    I am loving my chicken raising, in regard to broody, here are my questions - thanks in advance.

    If I get a broody, can I just put any old fresh fertile set of eggs on her? Meaning, my production reds, which are all fertile these days and leave them under her?

    I have 5 and 6 month old birds, is there an optimum age of bird for good egg, or are they ok once past the thick shelled Pullet egg stage?

    Is there a bad time to let her go broody, like in fall or winter?

    Now seeing how small my bantams are, I cannot imagine more than 2 full size eggs under one, does that sound right? And, finally

    We have OEGB, golden seabrite, light brahma, and EE in addition to our production reds. Any guess which one of those might have a tendency to go broody? I thought about getting an incubator, then figure, I have the space for a broody, why not try to go natural if someone cooperates.

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