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    How long is a bunny pregnant for before birthing?

    What materials do they need to make their nest?

    Can two bunnies be together if one of them has babies or will they fight and kill them?

  2. asher

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    Jan 26, 2007
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    28-31 days

    Some type of nesting box and hay or straw.

    Leaving adults together with babies is a good way for them (babies) to get eaten so it's best to seperate mom with babies from any other rabbit(s) including dad.
  3. d.k

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    *you have a nest box for her, d.? You supply the hay; mombun will line it with fur from her belly. If you handle the babybuns, rub a drop of vanilla on your hands first and put a dab under mombun's nose when you put the babies back, o.k.?? >>EDIT: This is a trick taught me by a champion breeder friend of mine when one of my satin's wasn't "taking well" to motherhood, ESP. if the kits were handled in the least. (Her first two litters ended badly; we upped her protien w/ 1 TBS good dry catfd to her feed for 1 wk. before & 2 wks after birth; limited handling, and did this vanilla trick. It worked, so I did it w/all my buns from then on.) Wash hands, add a dab of vanilla on them; helps by disguising your scent. ADD a dab of vanilla on the MOM'S nose when you put the kits back-- by the time the vanilla wears off the kits are all pretty much scented just the way mom likes em-- Which is just like HER!! HELPS prevent things like a distraught mom's rejection of kits by stomping, scattering, or cannibalism.
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