Feb 23, 2018
I read most of the threads. Got a lot of information. Giving oysters shells,free ranging ,this-that.
I read if excessive its harmful
My question is that what amout is harmfull?
And what happens if they eat excessive calcium?
Excessive calcium can cause liver problems in non-laying birds.
Said to possibly cause gout also.
Layers need about 3-4% calcium, non-layer feeds have only about 1%.
Simply give it to them in separate dish, or even on the ground. They will eat what they need. What are you giving them for their daily feed? That makes a difference in whether they will even need extra calcium in the form of oyster shell. You can also save your egg shells when they are laying, and feed those shells back to them. I keep the shells in a bowl. When the bowl is full, I toss the shells on the ground, stomp them with my foot, and the girls enjoy them.

Nice puppies.

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