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    We have about 10 pounds of leftover medicated chick starter, but our girls are all 30-ish weeks, except for the last of the chicks that was hatched out July 13th and is a lovely young pullet now. We have 2 that are laying (well, one that lays regularly, and a 9-month-old girl I recently acquired that supposedly was laying about a month but hasn't started laying since she came here two weeks ago). Can I feed the chick starter to the flock? Will the medicated feed hurt them or affect the quality or edibility of the eggs in any way? I have feeders around the yard & was thinking about mixing the chick starter in with the grower food they're getting just so it gets eaten up before it goes bad. Would that be okay?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Personally, I wouldn't eat eggs from a hen currently being fed medicated feed.
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    Most of the time, it's just Amprolium, a thiamine blocker. It isn't even enough to really prevent coccidiosis in most cases. My older hens are currently eating medicated starter and I am eating the eggs, always have. It really won't hurt you but do whatever you're comfortable with. Even if the starter contains something like Bacitracin, it is in a miniscule amount and not a problem.

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