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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Chickenberry, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Up until a week ago I had two hens (a barred rock and rhode island red) and a roo (EE mix).... (No thanks to a coon who ate the rest!)

    Then I added four new pullets/hens (5/6 months old)

    Two new hampshires (born in a hatchery) and one australorpe and one rhode island red (both hatched at home in an incubator on a farm.)

    The two hens and the rooster have really taken to the rhode island red and the black australorpe (fairly good, not to say they don't get pecks occasionally) but the new hampshires, bless their hearts, are pretty shunned. When they draw too close our roo chases them all over. They run around scared for their lives it seems and are pretty skittish.

    Can anyone tell me why this may be? Will they ever get along? Why would they choose to take in some, but not all?
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    It's just the pecking order. It can be as mean as a bunch of Jr. High girls sometimes! [​IMG]

    We had a similar deal with a group of 4 that we added 3 more to. One was quickly accepted into the "IN" crowd, and we ended up with two EE's on the bottom of the pecking order. But, those two hung out together and watched out for each other, so I didn't worry and it was fine.

    I'd say as long as the larger group of birds aren't drawing blood, & aren't keeping the two loners from getting food and water, just keep an eye on it and it will be ok.

    If they are having a hard time getting to the food and water, you might invest in a second feeder and waterer - just to be safe. We had that set up for awhile, but when things settled down, we just used the extras outside the coop/run when they were free ranging as an extra feeding and watering place.
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    X3 [​IMG]
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    So, can I expect the New Hamps to be scared and skittish from now on... will the 2 hens and roo always pick on them?

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